Las Vegas The City To Remember


Las Vegas the city to remember, or not to remember? I guess you could say it’s the one you will always remember and not remember at the same time. My trip was a little different though, I took a family trip out to the strip so I remembered every bit of it. The lights, the weather, the people, the buildings, everything was marvelous and spectacular I could not believe it. It was all too much to soak in for just 4 days. vegas Continue reading

What Do You See When You Look At The Falls?


I took a week to travel to the beautiful Niagara Falls in New York/Canada and what did I see? Just that, the beautiful rushing of water and creating a wonderful site. It was a trip I’ll never forget, and I recommend everyone at least once to take time to go out there. When I saw the Falls I saw more than just water falling off a cliff, I saw a nature made landmark that brings people together.

IMG_5447While I was camping in New York my boyfriend and I decided we would just walk over into Canada over the Rainbow Bridge. As I walked over the bridge I soon noticed the better view of the Falls was on the Canadian side rather than the American side.Despite our poor view I noticed a number of Canadians going the opposite way, they were going to America to see the Falls. I thought that was rather odd because clearly the better view was in Canada.

My thoughts were that this landmark was a great way to intertwine people and to appreciate a great view. The excitement of the Falls, the rush of the water, the coolness from the mist, everything had something to bring to the table.


The first thing I noticed  was how beautiful the Falls were. I could not believe people would go over the Falls for entertainment in barrels. It looked so dangerous, so daring, I was in disbelief. This sight was so beautiful just standing on the bridge had one of the best views. You could see everything from the bridge. You could see the mist at the bottom when the rushing water hit the rocks. You could feel the coldness of the water from standing anywhere near the fall area. Everything there was memorable in its own special way.

IMG_5534The second thing I noticed was how notoriously polite the Canadians were. A girl on the bus was happy to give us directions because we were clearly new at traveling on the other side. I find that where I live, If i tried that on a bus around me people would just shake me off and I would have to figure it out for myself.

I just loved how friendly they all were here, especially on all the Niagara Falls sites we saw. While there we made sure we took the boat ride, went behind the Falls, saw a movie on how the Falls were made and even took a walk along the white waters.

That week we learned so many things about the Falls, the culture around the Falls, and especially on how the Falls brings people together. The sight alone especially at night when they illuminate the Falls is a sight to always remember. If you wanted a destination, you should visit Niagara, it is a memory you’ll always remember.

Every Step Counts, Don’t You Want To Take That Step?


I did it again, I got my hopes up. But I didn’t get my hopes up for just anything, I got my hopes up for being able to participate in the Avon Walk For Breast Cancer at Boston in 2015. I heard about this cause and it really hit home, having three aunts survive breast cancer, I felt the need to do my part to give back to the survivors. I hope to never have to go through what they have but if I do in my future, I’ll be happy knowing I did what I could go give to the cause. When I ask help from others if I ever get breast cancer, I’ll know there are people out there who have hearts, just like I did.

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That Time Of Year Again

Hey folks its that time of year again! that time of year when you empty your pockets with a grin! Charity time!

I recently decided I was going to partake in Avons Walk For Breast Cancer in Boston, in may. I’m determined to raise the $1,800 they require you to raise in order to participate. To me I would love to be able to walk the 39 miles between the two day span and be able to say I walked a marathon and a half and for a great cause too!

Personally I know multiple Breast Cancer survivors and my friends have relatives who are survivors as well. I really want to be able to take this Walk and say I did it for them, for all the survivors.

So this is just a for warning that sometime around May I’ll be asking everyone on here if they’d like to donate ;)

Every little bit helps!

20 Miles Really Makes You Feel The Hunger


Yesterday, May 4th, Myself and several of my friends joined Project Bread’s Walk For Hunger. We raised some money and we became champions. In the beginning we said to ourselves “Lets see how far we can go first”, as the day drew on our mindset changed to “lets do this! 20 miles is nothing!” I think its safe to20140505-152225.jpg say by mile
10 we were exaughsted but we pulled through! every mile sign we saw my friend Bobby and I took a photo next to it to prove we went that far. We knew we were champions.

In the beginning of the walk everyone is given a sticker and it says what number walk this is for you, it’s my second time I’ve done the walk, but it’s the first time I’ve finished the whole thing. For others like an elder couple we met along the way it was their 25th years. Everyone was astonished whenever they saw that little old lady’s sticker on the back of her rain coat. She was a warrior. She had a cane and still managed to pull through for the 20 miles.Being at the Walk For Hunger made us really see how everyone can come together for a great cause. This is the stepping stones to putting away Hunger, e took those steps. Walking for hunger is the least someone could do, so we made ourselves a promise we’d finish and we did just that. Everyone around us was just as relieved as we were. This event will most definitely not be the last time I go to the Walk For Hunger. It made me determined, determined to be just as prepared for next year. I’m hoping that the next year I won’t be as tired because I’ve had time to prepare but only time will tell

My friends & I have all told ourselves though that next year we’ll be more prepared and we’ll raise more money. Those are two things we know we can change. Project Bread is one of our favorite charities, we love their walk every year and they’re doing a great job! It’s a fun walk that everyone should attend at least once in their life. Thousands of people participant in it, thousands take that 20 mile walk that change their perspective on things. We only have to take that 20 mile walk once, and If we decide to, however millions are walking around everywhere because they have no other choice. millions have no money, no way of transportation, and no food. This walk really lets you appreciate the things you do have and makes you want to donate to the ones who aren’t as lucky.

So I say Thank you Project Bread!

Heres to another great year, See you next year!

The Summer To Remember


At last! Summer 2014 is almost here!gguyb

Now is the time to start planning trips that make your summer unforgettable. These trips are something I fully plan on going on, this is the time when the school books go down and the sun stays up. As a broke college student this will be a difficult task so I understand I’ll have to find fun trips relatively cheap to go to or close by. Luckily having an amazing mother as I do she has told my sister and I that we will be taking a family vacation to Las Vegas in August. A trip to Las Vegas will be the highlight to my entire college career.

Aside from Vegas, I am reaching out to you the readers, the adventurers, the explorers, the curious ones, where are all the good locations?

Where are some must see towns/ things in America?

I’m opening this up to everyone, the more input the more options! So come, please help and make this summer memorable.